Obama’s Policy of Fratricide

Hillary Clinton is making the rounds blasting Donald Trump for his recent support of BREXIT.

Her near constant refrain is that the United States must have proven leaders to avoid the calamitous decisions of the great unwashed who dare question the competence of the ruling classes – whether in Washington or Brussels.

And Barack Obama has made it crystal clear that Clinton’s policies match identically the policies of his own administration.

Which begs the question…

Does Hillary Clinton also support American troops fighting other American troops in the Middle East?

You see, as an example of the worst kind of intellectual stupor of Clinton and Obama, troops of the U.S. backed Free Syrian Army in the northern part of Aleppo Province, Syria, have been fighting against the U.S. backed Kurdish YPG fighters.

While no direct evidence yet exists indicating that any American casualties have resulted from the fratricide, it will only be a matter of time before American troops die at the hands of other American troops.

Of course, if this happens, it won’t be Clinton or Obama’s fault.

The fault of this abysmal foreign policy will fall squarely at the feet of Donald Trump!  After all, no Ivy League lawyer could ever be so stupid to pit rival factions against each other on a battlefield where no American should be deployed.  Only a capitalist could be that cruel.

Unfortunately, we’re at a point in American culture where the only thing to prevent future American casualties in the Middle East is an FBI indictment of Hillary – or the pillaging of Harvard Law School.

Either would help slow the destruction of the U.S. – but neither can get here soon enough!


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